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Call Today: 630-761-9702
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage is a healing art that aims to relieve and improve soft tissue ailments. Along with this therapeutic benefit, therapeutic massage is a superior relaxation and health maintenance tool. 

Therapeutic massage at Performance Clinics, served by Patrice Sibert LMT, aims to provide a customized experience for each of her clients. Each client has their own needs and unique physical make up. The service is used alone or as a component of a physical medicine care plan.
Meet Patrice
My name is Patrice Sibert (LMT)  and I am the massage therapist here at Performance Clinics.

The word "massage" conjures up different feelings for each of us. The most common, a state of relaxation, a treat one gives to themselves or to another as a gift. Massage, however, is so much more. While it is relaxing, it can also help a multitude of issues.

Being a massage therapist for 14 years, I pride myself not just on the relaxation modality of massage, but the actual physical properties of helping a "bad" shoulder, tight hips, or back pain, etc. I also focus on teaching my clients how to help themselves because massage for most is not going to be a daily occurrence. Education is crucial in sustaining the effects of massage as long as possible.

Another distinction to my practice of massage is I am not a fan of having the client "pick" a type of massage. I like to incorporate all massage modalities that I have studied. Everyone and every body is different and has different needs and expectations for massage. So by incorporating Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Drainage into one session, I am serving the client in many different ways while understanding what they as individuals want and like.

It is my passion to create an atmosphere of trust, so that my clients can experience the true healing powers of massage.