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Call Today: 630.761.9702
Specialized Injury Recovery and Physical Improvement Programs
The practice of physical medicine focuses on restoring ones ability to function in their daily life. Our physical medicine platform possesses the tools and expertise to provide you the most customized treatment program available. Whether it be an injury, joint, tendon or muscle problem, or long term physical challenge, we focus on providing the care needed to restore and enhance the level you need to be at. 

Performance Clinics' Physical Medicine platform utilizes a very specific and selective set of therapeutic modalities to deliver it's superior and effective treatment to it's patients. Exact therapies are determined upon evaluation and assessment of the individual presenting case. We work to instill as much functional activity with the patient as possible. Our therapy platform includes:
Functional Evaluation and Diagnosis
We utilize an exclusive selection of orthopaedic, physical, and functional evaluation tools to identify biomechanical irregularities, gross and segmental movement restriction, and muscle imbalances.
Customized Treatment
Every patient has unique findings, faults and attributes to their health challenges which yields an individualized and customized treatment program. Customized treatment plans utilize a system of targeted therapies, nutritional strategies, functional movement, and/or performance training to restore your injury and optimize performance.
Chiropractic Care
Utilizing a clinical structure that works to identify the root cause to health ailments, chiropractic care aims to rapidly restore structural, functional, and neurological imbalances.
Dr. Bletzinger focuses in the Gonstead system of chiropractic which is a specialized system of analysis and joint adjustments to restore proper function to joints and the nervous system.
Manual Therapies
Manual Therapies are used as a necessary therapy structure in our treatment model to help bring soft tissue (muscle, fascia, tendon, ligament, and skin) to improved working order. This therapy is performed in coordination with a rehabilitation program to accelerate to healing process.
Laser Therapy
Low Level Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, non-toxic health care tool designed to accelerate cell energy and tissue healing.
  • Accelerated injury healing
  •  Increased energy production
  •  Anti-inflammatory action
  •  Stimulated nerve function
Corrective Exercise
In most cases Age Related Degeneration comes at the hands of a sedentary lifestyle. On the contrary sports and activity related injuries can significantly affect joint and muscle health. Due to this, and over time, joints get stiff and dehydrated. Muscle and tissues get tight and painful.
Exercise Therapy helps to restore flexibility, mobility, core stability, and muscle action in a functional manner. The Exercise Therapy programs of Performance Clinics are our flagship programs and have been specifically designed off the Functional Movement System and selected orthopeadic testing.